Delivering Great Projects in Live Environments

Pacific Design & Construct

Pacific Design & Construct has experience working in sensitive environments such as, retail shops in busy shopping centres, corporate offices, restaurants, universities, banks, service centres, casinos and hospitals across NSW as well as interstate. PDC are aware of the restrictions imposed while buildings remain occupied, so we ensure the most stringent management of onsite WHS. Our teams almost constantly work in occupied buildings,so at the site management planning stage we prepare a communication plan for communication with the supervisors/managers, staff and nearby occupants. Open and forward communication is maintained throughout the duration of every project, with day to day communication and reporting with the relevant authorities.

Construction Design


At PDC we work alongside a design team of experts, working together with architects and engineers to come up with the most efficient outcome.


We help to expand and further create your ideas by ensuring every idea is functional, efficient and aesthetically appealing.

Construction Management


We know how important your timeframes, schedules and deadlines are, so we ensure from the start our time management plan is carefully thought out.


PDC are in constant communication with our subcontractors, clients and all key stakeholders to ensure we are following the programme to complete on time and within budget.

Construction Service


PDC ensure project supervision and ongoing communication with our clients is maintained across all facets of construction.


We work together integrating the designs and concepts developed during the design stage, knowing each step is completed safely.


Our experience working in live, occupied and sensitive environments means we ensure the most stringent management of onsite WHS. This ensures the health, safety and welfare of our employees, visitors, contractors and the public in and about our workplaces.