Lump Sum
Lump Sum

Pacific Design & Construct undertakes lump sum contract works for clients that have a well-defined and documented scope.

Predominantly on these projects engineers, service consultants and architects have established detailed design documentation to allow PDC to commit and deliver projects for a pre-approved lump sum in a pre-approved time period.

Design and Construct
Design & Construct

The wide range of experience Pacific Design & Construct can offer, allows us to work more closely from the beginning of the construction process. By doing this we ensure we seek the best possible design alternatives and outcomes that integrate time, cost and materials without sacrificing the projects integrity.

We work closely with a select group of proven designers, architects, consultants and engineers to fully develop tender and construction documentation to allow a project to be developed from concept to completion.

Cost Plus
Cost Plus

Cost plus contracting options are available to clients who possibly need to begin with construction works prior to having a fully documented scope and specifications, this enables a project to get off the ground and be developed during the early phases of construction.

In these cost-plus instances, PDC can also assist in forecasting, procurement, and programming during the early design phase.

Project and Construction Management
Project Management

Pacific Design & Construct can provide documentation packages that contain tender drawings, specifications and project schedules along with project management throughout the entire project from start to finish. These options can benefit clients who are owner builders, facility managers and building companies.